Antioch High School


Guitar - Classical: Students develop guitar skills and knowledge, including simple and full-strum chords, bass lines and lead sheets, barre and power chords, foundational music literacy and theory, major scales, simple finger-picking patterns, and ensemble skills for a variety of music. Guitarists explore the careers and music of significant performers in a variety of styles. Public performances may serve as a culmination of specific instructional goals.

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Chorus-Middle School (5-8): Students with little or no choral experience develop beginning vocal technique and skills, critical and creative thinking skills, and an appreciation of music from around the world and through time.

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Concert Band

Concert Band: This class, designed for students ready to build on skills and knowledge previously acquired in a middle or High School (9-12) instrumental ensemble, promotes the enjoyment and appreciation of music through performance of high-quality wind and percussion literature. Rehearsals focus on development of critical listening/aural skills, individual musicianship, instrumental technique, refinement of ensemble skills, and aesthetic engagement culminating in periodic public performances.

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Music Theory

Students learn how music is constructed and developed, and acquire a basic understanding of the structural, technical, and historical elements of music. Student theorists develop basic ear-training, keyboard, and functional singing skills, and engage in the creative process through individual and collaborative projects.

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Wind Ensemble

This class, designed for students with substantial experience in solo performance and larger performing ensembles, promotes significant engagement with and appreciation for music through performance of sophisticated wind and percussion literature. Study focuses on mastery of highly advanced music skills, techniques, and processes, as well as creativity through composition and/or arranging and use of current technology to enhance creativity and performance effectiveness.

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