History of Jazz

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Nashville Jazz Orchestra

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Integrated Curriculum
History / Social Studies

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1 Full Assembly Room (Gym, Auditorium, etc.)
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45-50 minutes
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auditorium, gym or large room
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projector with screen, audio visual, microphone with sound system 10 chairs; music stands optional
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Jim Williamson
Program Activities / Description
"History of Jazz" is a short history of jazz (a uniquely American art form)and American music performed by 9 instrumentalists, one vocalist, and a narrator. 18 tunes from 1824 - 1973 are played and sung, with accompanying video and still shots/bios of famous jazz performers. It is informative, fast-moving, and entertaining. The performance is enhanced by a Study Guide that discusses the racial, cultural, and geographic influences on jazz (e.g., the Louisiana Purchase, Voodoo, Creoles, Africans, Prohibition, etc.) as well as the musical terms and elements that define jazz.