Becoming An Ensemble

(In School)

Matrix Percussion Trio

Provider Type
Program Type
Audience / Populations
Intended for Music Educators
Integrated Curriculum
Music, instrumental

Program Scheduling Details

Max # of Participants
Large Ensemble
Program Duration
60 minutes
Space Requirements
Band room, theater, or cafeteria to hold music students up close, and our percussion instruments
Tech Requirements
3 folding chairs 9 music stands, if available Speaking microphone, stand, and sound system, if necessary for room size
During School Hours
During the School Year
Contact for Details
Negotiable Fee; Contact for Quote
$500.00 (Grant money may be available to fund fee. Please inquire)
Special Considerations
Room availability for 45-60 minutes for load-in and set-up of instruments
Scheduling / Booking Contact
Scot Corey
Program Activities / Description
Teamwork, cooperation, collaboration, synergy - all are words that remind us of the importance of working together to complete a task, fulfill a dream, or create something extraordinary. This masterclass presentation leads the students through the process of learning to work as a team in order to become a more sensitive and skillful musical ensemble. Through the use of musical examples in various stages of performance readiness, students will be exposed to the mechanics of the ensemble-building process in a very practical way. Students will see and hear how various factors related to ensemble performance affect the preparation of a piece of music. In addition to the exploration of musical factors affecting ensemble preparation, the impact of various social, emotional, and psychological factors on ensemble development will also be examined. Probing questions from the performers will give the students the opportunity to discuss and reflect on ideas such as establishing common relational ground, a common time feel, common dynamics, and a common emotion. Students will be encouraged to embrace a collaborative spirit in their musical endeavors, understanding that music is about cooperation, not competition.