West Africa meets HipHop

(In School)

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Program Type
Audience / Populations
Integrated Curriculum
History / Social Studies

Program Scheduling Details

Max # of Participants
average 400 students per assembly program
Program Duration
60 minutes
Space Requirements
cleared performance space, approx. 12' x 10', please inform Artist in advance of any stairs leading into the performance area. Allow for a 45 minute unloading and setup time, and likewise after the performance for packing up and loading.
Tech Requirements
easy access to one working and grounded electrical outlet.
During School Hours
year round
Per-event fee (Please indicate below)
$500 per assembly, $750 two back to back programs
Scheduling / Booking Contact
Program Activities / Description
West Africa meets HipHop with Cross Curricular Connections: (performance, workshop available) A cross-cultural side-by-side interactive program of the traditional West African roots of rhythm and culture, influencing the history and development of HipHop, contemporary music and culture. The interactive performance compares African rhythms and authentic instruments, to contemporary HipHop and HipHop music using a battery of percussion and drums. A musical timeline is traced from the African Griots , to slave trade, through present day spoken word “Rap” artists. Rhythms, instruments, rhythmic annunciation, call and response, vocabulary and cross-curricular content are reinforced through active participation culminating in an African/HipHop student ensemble.