“…three voices, one sound…”

(In School)

Matrix Percussion Trio

Provider Type
Program Type
Audience / Populations
Integrated Curriculum
History / Social Studies

Program Scheduling Details

Max # of Participants
Large Ensemble
Program Duration
60 minutes
Space Requirements
Large classroom, multi-purpose room, gym, theater, or cafeteria to hold students and our percussion instruments
Tech Requirements
5 folding chairs 9 music stands, if available Speaking microphone, stand, and sound system, if necessary for room size
During School Hours
During the School Year
Contact for Details
Negotiable Fee; Contact for Quote
$900.00 (Grant money may be available to fund fee. Please inquire)
Special Considerations
Room availability for 45-60 minutes for load-in and set-up of instruments
Scheduling / Booking Contact
Scot Corey
Program Activities / Description
This program features the sounds of a diverse array of percussion instruments from a wide-ranging group of musical populations. At the forefront of this musical kaleidoscope are many “smaller” world percussion instruments such as claves, gankogui, cowbell, tambourine, bongo, and cajon. These percussion miniatures are allowed to step out of their usual background role and step into the spotlight as the music moves from culture to culture, carrying the listener on an exciting, rhythmic journey. Even the human voice is allowed to flex its percussive muscle as part of this program highlighting the ubiquitous nature of percussion in the world of music. Students will be challenged as listeners to explore new ideas and expand the boundaries of what may be considered music. Throughout the program, the performers will engage the audience with brief discussions that will consider the geographical, historical, and musical significance of the pieces performed, as well as the significance of the composers. Also, elements of the compositional process will be discussed and students will be given the opportunity to reflect on this process. At the conclusion of the program, a question-answer session will occur with the performers fielding questions from the audience.