These 5 Songs:1920's

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Carolyn German

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60 minutes
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10 ' x 10' clear area in front of students
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Carolyn German
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Teaching Artist Carolyn German will present 5 recordings of songs of the 1920ʼs era, each one having a specific connection to the history of the era. Students will be encouraged to sing along with some, and (for the 5th grade version) to learn a popular dance of the era, all with the over-arching goal of highlighting the distinguishing characteristics/events of the era. Students in the high school version, will also be encouraged to connect current social patterns and current events with the norms and events of the 1920ʼs. -Topics touched on include: Womenʼs Suffrage Move from Rural to Urban settings Prohibition Jazz (Roots and Influence) Rise of Consumerism/Automobile Rise of Radio Harlem Renaissance Great Depression -Format provides: Critical Thinking Skills : Evaluation of Evidence Interpretation of Primary Sources Construction of Sound Historical Perspectives