STEM: Using Math and Music to Compose a Cell Phone RingTone

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Hands On with Zig

Program Type
Residency (4 + Sessions)
Audience / Populations
Integrated Curriculum
Science / Technology

Program Scheduling Details

Max # of Participants
1 Full Classroom (Appox. 30 Students)
Program Duration
45-50 per class
During School Hours
During the School Year
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year round
Per-event fee (Please indicate below)
$500.00 daily rate for classroom sessions, call for details
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Program Activities / Description
As an extension of the classroom, students will make a connection of how textbook math can be applied to their daily lives by what they musically hear, and know, as ring tones. The innovative contemporary program introduces participants to math concepts as related to music technology. Using a step-by-step process participants create, produce and deliver an original cell phone ring tone in a digital media format. The math component applies the concepts of numbers, adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing, fractions, shapes, divisions of time, order, sequences, ratios, odds vs. evens, graphs, points of intersection, patterns, symmetry, measurements, time, estimating, and analyzing. Participants see, hear and input original parts of music by using virtual instruments and digital equipment while communicating using math and technology terminology. The music segment reinforces traditional music terms and concepts for composition including orchestration, rhythm, harmony, melody, pitch, notation, styles, dynamics and tempo. All participants use Zig’s workstation and curriculum. Content based on grade appropriate math skills.