The Rhythms of Music and Life

(In School)

The Rhythms of Music and Life, Beth and Danny Gottlieb, Scott Radock

Provider Type
Program Type
Audience / Populations
Intended for Music Educators
Integrated Curriculum
History / Social Studies
Science / Technology
Story of rhythm in a historical significance

Program Scheduling Details

Max # of Participants
we can handle full school assemblies
Program Duration
We can vary it depending on ages
Space Requirements
Able to fit into any space depending on the size of the audience. Performances in lunchrooms, auditoriums, gyms, outside on the PE field, in the music rooms, etc. have been done in the past.
Tech Requirements
Two microphones on stands and a large cafeteria type table to put our instruments on. Hundreds of other instruments are provided for this unique, fun, visually and aurally stimulating program.
Available at night for parent programs as well
any time any hours
Per-event fee (Please indicate below)
$250 for a 50 - 60 minute program, $450 for two, back to back programs
Special Considerations
A lesson plan can be forwarded to each school for students to review prior to performance
Scheduling / Booking Contact
Beth Gottlieb
321 217 5511
Program Activities / Description
"The Rhythms of Music and Life" Professional musicians and music educators, Beth and Danny Gottlieb (members of Gary Sinise's Lt. Dan Band) will take you on a journey of rhythm throughout the ages. Renowned musicians (drums and percussion) and educators, they make rhythm fun, educational, high-spirited, thought-provoking, historical and audience friendly. What is RHYTHM? It's part of everything we do, from walking to talking to brushing our teeth to playing sports. It's not just about music, it's about LIFE! The Rhythms of Music and Life presentation starts with the question of "What is rhythm?" and then travels to ancient Africa, throughout Asia, Europe, Central and South America, Brazil, ending with music and rhythm from different genres in the United States. This percussive presentation is a historical, hands-on concert that demonstrates hundreds of instruments from nearly every part of the world, including modern electronics. In addition, there is group participation, which provides a firsthand educational, entertaining, and drumming experience. Please don't miss this exciting, fun filled musical adventure called the RHYTHMS OF MUSIC AND LIFE!