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Experience an out-of-the-box, creative approach to music education! Playing By Air is committed to making a positive impact through music, creativity, and the performing arts. Playing By Air captivates audiences with a joyful fusion of music, juggling, and circus in which traditional theatricality meets absurd comedy. The award-winning performers of Playing By Air share their sense of playfulness and breathtaking feats in a production enjoyed equally by adults, families, and children. Students are drawn into the performances and workshops with a contagious attitude of expressive play and creativity. Playing By Air's "STEAM Symphony" curriculum gives students the tools to see their world differently through an artistic, creative process. Participants learn the core skills required to be successful in STEM education (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math). Students discover how creative thinking fuels scientific innovation through engaging performances and hands-on activities centered on musical creativity, collaboration, and communication. The company also uses physical comedy and variety entertainment to give back to the local community throughout the year. As part of the performance at each corporate event, Playing By Air donates an appearance at a charity/non-profit organization, free of charge.