Perspectives from the Podium: Educator Workshop

(In School)

Kelly Corcoran

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Program Type
Audience / Populations
Intended for Music Educators
Integrated Curriculum
Music, instrumental

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Max # of Participants
1 Full Classroom (Appox. 30 Students)
Program Duration
90 minutes
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$500.00 (negotiable)
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Kelly Corcoran
Program Activities / Description
During this workshop, Corcoran will review conducting techniques, elements of score study, program planning, rehearsal techniques and principles of interpretation and style. The workshop can be tailored towards a choral or instrumental emphasis and/or discuss the challenges and differences of working with both choruses and orchestras. Educators will leave with a fresh review of the technical aspects of leading ensembles which will enable more effective and efficient communication with students, while striving for achieving challenging artistic standards taught through motivation and inspiration.