Nashville Jazz Workshop Performance (9-12)

(In School)

Nashville Jazz Workshop

Provider Type
Program Type
Audience / Populations
Integrated Curriculum

Program Scheduling Details

Max # of Participants
1 Full Assembly Room (Gym, Auditorium, etc.)
Program Duration
75 minutes; contact for details
Space Requirements
12 square feet
Tech Requirements
Power. Keyboard/piano & drum set if available. PA as well for large groups, but we can also provide.
During School Hours
During the School Year
Contact for Details
Scheduling / Booking Contact
Evan Cobb
Program Activities / Description
Nashville Jazz Workshop provides four-five professional musicians (along lines of saxophonist, vocalist, pianist, bassist, drummer) who will perform and address some of the following introductory topics: 1. What is jazz? (play examples from popular culture) 2. How does jazz apply to the music of today? (Give examples of grooves from modern radio genres e.g. hip-hop, funk, bluegrass). 3. What does instrument mastery require? Talk about jazz as a language, (how fluency is acquired. Apply idea of daily instrument practice to other passions.) 4. How is jazz a language? (Talk about focused listening - who is leading the musical conversation at which point)