Musical Rhythm Residency

(In School)

Kofi Mawuko

Provider Type
Program Type
Residency (4 + Sessions)
Audience / Populations
Integrated Curriculum
History / Social Studies

Program Scheduling Details

Max # of Participants
1 Full Classroom (Appox. 30 Students)
Program Duration
45-50 minutes
Space Requirements
Room plot will be provided
During School Hours
During the School Year
Contact for Details
Per-event fee (Please indicate below)
$2000 for the 1st school, add $500 for each additional school during the same week. Travel and food is included. Lodging is not included in this cost.
Special Considerations
Bottled waters for performers
Scheduling / Booking Contact
Kofi Mawuko
Program Activities / Description
A 5-session residency in which students will learn learn the definition of rhythm, how to identify rhythm in daily life, and how to create rhythm using breathing techniques and body percussions. The students are taught basic tones on drums, bells and shekeres, how to listen for rhythmic changes in their bodies and in musical instruments, and how to identify and make recurring patterns. Basic music vocabulary is taught as the students learn about the history and origins of West African musical instruments, and the influences of those instruments around the world. Other activities include improvisation using basic elements of dance and song. Student self-assessment and critique are encouraged.