Live Performance and Discussion with Professional Jazz Musicians

(In School)

Nashville Jazz Workshop

Provider Type
Program Type
Audience / Populations
Integrated Curriculum

Program Scheduling Details

Max # of Participants
1 Full Classroom (Appox. 30 Students)
Program Duration
45-50 minutes
During School Hours
August - May
Negotiable Fee; Contact for Quote
Scheduling / Booking Contact
Lori Mechem
Program Activities / Description
Nashville Jazz Workshop provides professional musicians who will perform a live concert and address some of the following topics: 1. What is jazz and Why is it important? (Play examples from popular culture) 2. How does jazz apply to the music of today? (Give examples of modern radio genres e.g. hip-hop, funk, and bluegrass). 3. What does instrument mastery require? Talk about jazz as a language. (How fluency is acquired. Apply idea of daily instrument practice to other passions.) 4. How is jazz a language? (Talk about focused listening - who is leading the musical conversation at which point). General Music Curriculum Standards have been identified for grades 9-12 for the above program and are available by request.